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Merry Christmas from Niners Nation

Ho Ho Ho, dudes.

Hanukkah got going yesterday, and today the Christmas folk are opening presents, spending time with their families or both. Technically Festivus happened on 12/23, when we were elbows deep in the postgame of the 49ers and Rams, so we didn’t get a Festivus post out in time.

Today being Christmas, we can definitely get something out. What’s everyone up to today? I’m in Seattle, WA and choose again to not to go back to my hometown of Boise, ID this year (if you have parents who are divorced and are fortunate enough to have relationships with both, the holidays are absolute murder trying to make sure both mom and dad get equal attention).

I hope everyone gets some good Christmas cheer this holiday season and some great heartwarming gifts. I know I have.

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday be it with families, movies, or food, even if you don’t even celebrate Christmas, we here at Niners Nation hope everything is going well for the day.

We’ll be kicking things back up tomorrow, but we got some content for you today if you’re so inclined. Enjoy whatever it is you enjoy and Merry Christmas to those doing the X-mas thing.