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49ers breaking out the white throwbacks Sunday against Seahawks

Hide your mustard.

In news that doesn’t really help either side, the Sacremento Bee’s Chris Biderman reports that the 49ers are planning to wear the solid white throwback jerseys this Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks. I know some are wondering if these duds hold any value of superstition and I’m not sure what to answer with. They got absolutely stomped wearing them last year and then this year demolished the Carolina Panthers wearing them.

So whether this is good or not is up to you. I just have three words: hide your mustard. Those white unis are very slick, but all it takes is one stain from the hotdog to ruin the experience. Hopefully they keep that mustard far away from the duds.

The jersey’s were introduced in 2018 as an additional throwback jersey. They hearken back to the early 90s 49ers teams, notably the 1994 team that won the Super Bowl. While these are available, the black and red jerseys still remain as an alternate, but it’s safe to assume they are not going to be used anytime soon.

So white vs. blue. I can dig this.