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Report: Jullian Taylor suffers knee injury at 49ers practice Thursday

The 49ers can’t have nice things

The San Francisco 49ers needed—and expected—defensive lineman Jullian Taylor for Sunday and now that might not be happening. Matt Barrows reports that Taylor suffered a knee injury in Thursday’s practice.

Reports have not come out on what exactly the injury is, but Barrows notes that Taylor is scheduled for an MRI and the 49ers are calling in free agent linemen in the meantime.

Right now NONE of this looks good. The 49ers could have used Taylor in the nose tackle role after D.J. Jones went onto IR and now Taylor might be following Jones to the same designation. Nothing replaces Jones, but losing Taylor as well is going to make the interior of the line open up quite a bit.

We’ll see how the defensive gameplan changes with Robert Saleh if they lose Taylor to injury as well, but this is just something no one wants to deal with right now. They activated Kentavius Street recently and they might need him to get things together now more than ever. Earl Mitchell is another option, though he recently announced his retirement.

We’ll update this when/if we have more, but for now, the 49ers get to deal with yet another injury.