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Flashback Friday: 49ers vs Seahawks

Ricky is back with another gallery!

Ricky Helton

This Flashback Friday photo gallery Is from the last time the 49ers beat the Seahawks at Levi’s Stadium. Led by Nick Mullins and topped off by a big run in overtime by Jeff Wilson Jr. to set up a winning field goal by Robbie Gould. I believe the last time the 49ers won in Seattle. The 49ers had Alex Smith as QB and Frank Gore at RB If I recalled that correctly. One thing is certain though 49ers fans are ready for that losing streak to change. A Shanahan coached team will be prepared and pretty much knows what’s in store for them with the noise of the stadium. With all the noise of Marshawn Lynch’s return. I believe this 49ers team won’t miss a beat. They’ll be well prepared and ready. This one is coming down to which Coach is more ruthless. I’m pretty sure 49ers fans are ready to see how ruthless Shanahan can be. Happy Flashback Friday.