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Nick Bosa was not a fan of the Legion of Boom, rooted for the 49ers

Ok, we’ll keep him.

The San Francisco 49ers get ready to square off against the Seattle Seahawks Sunday and it’s bringing back all sorts of memories and plugs of the rivalry revived. Of course there’s some further wrinkles with Richard Sherman now wearing the red and gold and Seattle’s Legion of Boom having become a distant memory.

The Athletic’s David Lombardi caught up to 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa to get Bosa’s thoughts on the whole 49ers-Seahawks rivalry and Bosa continues to show why he belongs in San Francisco:

I never really found the Legion of Boom’s actions arrogant, rather just needy. For one thing, it seemed like a cheap knockoff of the Legion of Doom, an alternate name to the Road Warriors, which was that awesome professional wrestling tag team. One letter and everything’s different? Come on, you got Monsters of the Midway, the Steel Curtain, Purple People Eaters, all these clever names...and you come up with that? Just seemed the equivalent of turning in your 10-page paper day of after you wrote it 30 minutes before.

But what do I know? The name stuck, maybe at the insistence of the fans. Bosa is right about the opinion of players as a fan. It’s no secret Richard Sherman was not my favorite person when he was signed given comments he made about the fanbase. Now that he’s here, I can’t visualize the 49ers without him. I think he brings a leadership and coaching element along with his elite play that further justifies the money the 49ers paid him. His work in the community is also something to note and helps the 49ers from a PR perspective, which is something I ignorantly did not bring up when I would blast Sherman during his time in Seattle.

The big thing to take from all of this is Bosa was on the 49ers side back in those dark times. Hopefully that motivates him to keep Russell Wilson on his back this week.