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49ers won the NFC West, got the monkey off their back, and get a week off— you know what day it was

Helllllllll yeeeeeessssss!!!!

You have no idea how much I loved that. Living in Seattle for the last 12 years, I absolutely loved every second of that game. Not just hat, but how this game ended.

Little history lesson that ends with a hot take. Joe Montana threw a pass to Dwight Clark that wound up ripping the hearts out of the Dallas Cowboys and sent them to mediocrity for a decade.

Seahawks-Niners? Everyone and their MOTHER thought Seattle was going to score. Then they got a delay of game penalty and then Dre Greenlaw happened. That type of play has after-effects that hurt loooong after the season is over.

And no, I do not care about that missed PI. Seattle was holding all game. One touchdown came from a missed delay of game penalty and a controversial forward pass (I’ll give you the pass, but it shouldn’t have gone that far). A missed PI there? Bah. Especially when the Seahawks were gifted an unnecessary roughness call a series earlier.

So first, let’s check in with Fooch:

Ok and now, play that Ice Cube up.

A couple are wondering what happens on the first? I’ll still be around. I’m going to help Kyle get through some gameday stuff so he’s not empty-handed. But you’ll be seeing me through the playoffs. Like I said, I already have dibs on breaking the news that the 49ers won the Super Bowl. For now, we get to watch some playoff football, the 49ers get a bye week, our blood pressure returns to normal, and the Seahawks go on the road.

Have fun everyone. Great night!