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San Francisco will travel to the east coast four times in 2020

The 49ers 2020 schedule is set

New England Patriots v San Francisco 49ers

Fresh off of their 2019 NFC West title, the San Francisco 49ers 2020 schedule has been set. Like this season, the Niners will do their fair share of traveling next year. Jimmy Garoppolo will face his former team in New England, which will undoubtedly create plenty of storylines leading up to that game.

Since the AFC division San Francisco plays is the AFC East, that means the 49ers will also travel to play the New York Jets in 2020 as well, while getting the Buffalo Bills and Miami Dolphins at home. The 49ers also play the NFC East, which means they get the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington at home while having to travel to the Dallas Cowboys and New York Giants. For all we know, three of those NFC East teams could have different head coaches by the time the 49ers play another game. If history has told us anything, these are the two divisions you want to play, as they’ve been known as the weakest divisions in the NFL for quite a few years now. Here’s to another successful season for the 49ers.

Jimmy G facing the team that traded him, will no doubt be one of the top stories of 2020. How fun would that Dallas game be if it were to take place on Thanksgiving? I know you don’t want to play two games in a season on a Thursday, but for entertainment purposes, I’m rooting for that.

We will know the dates and times for the 2020 NFL regular season about two weeks before the draft. Usually, the schedule is released mid-April. Because the 49ers won their division, that means they also play the first-place teams in the NFC South and the NFC North. So add the New Orleans Saints and Green Bay Packers to the schedule once more for 2020. It should be another fun year. Here is a look at the complete home and away schedule:


Philadelphia Eagles


Buffalo Bills

Miami Dolphins

Green Bay Packers

Arizona Cardinals

Los Angeles Rams

Seattle Seahawks


Dallas Cowboys

New York Giants

New England Patriots

New York Jets

New Orleans Saints