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Thursday night football thread: Can the Bears beat a competent quarterback?

(Probably not)

Buffalo Bills v Dallas Cowboys Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

You know how I’m always talking about play the trends and judge a team based on they’ve done the past month and a half or so as opposed to the entire season? Well, if you look at the Chicago Bears and their numbers, they look great. Then you realize the Bears played the Lions twice and Daniel Jones. The one team Chicago played that can put up any sort of fight on defense, the Rams, they averaged three yards per play against them. So forgive me if I’m not going to praise the Bears for winning three out of their last four games.

The Cowboys may not be that much better; they’re just on the opposite end. Dallas has underperformed in a big way. It feels like Dallas should be a 10-win team when you look at their roster and some of their numbers. Then you look at how the team gets off to slow starts, isn’t very good on special teams, and refuses to involve their best player on critical downs and wonder how Jason Garrett is employed.

This game can go a few ways, but I think we see a heavy dose of Ezekiel Elliot, and the injury to Akiem Hicks proves costly as the Cowboys can put up points. Dallas isn’t generating turnovers, but the Bears don’t exactly march it up and down on the field on you. Dallas has the matchup advantage on defense.