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Who is going to guard Kittle?

Seth Galina joins us to answer four questions about the Saints

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

Every week we reach out to someone who covers the opposition to get a better feel for who the San Francisco 49ers opponent is. This week Seth Galina joins us to give us a better idea on what to expect from the Saints.

There’s plenty of talk about the Saints offense, but their defense has been one of the better units in the NFL. What’s been the main reason for that?

Seems simple but good/great players all over the field. There are elite players, sure, but the main thing is there are no bad players. PJ Williams caught a ton of slack early in his career but he’s become a really good nickel. They hit again on CGJ if they need more size at nickel/sam. Even Kiko Alonso and AJ Klein have not been liabilities. There aren’t a lot of holes and then you already know about the elite crew of Cam, Davis and Latt.

Do you think we’ll see a bigger dose of Taysom Hill this week given the success the Ravens had with designed quarterback runs. Separately, how do you feel about the Saints taking the ball out of Brees’ hands?

I don’t know if you’ll get a bigger dose but he’ll get his snaps at QB. I’ve given up on caring whether he gets snaps anymore. At first, it bothered me because I think Brees should have the ball in his hands as much as possible but Mr. Payton doesn’t see it that way so I’m just tryna ride the wave now.

What is the Saints biggest advantage/disadvantage in this game?

Saints coverage has made average quarterbacks look god awful this season. If Jimmy G is an average qb (and I’m not wading into those waters) then you can see the saints doing some damage. They’re very good at getting a QB off his first read and then letting the pass rush do its thing

the disadvantage is probably who can cover Kittle. Saints are a little beat up at linebacker outside of Davis and if you put a nickel on him, Kittle will body PJ Williams. If the Saints go with Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, they’ll regain some size but without the experience since he’s a rookie. You can also go with the Saints still breaking in their Andrus Peat and Terron Armstead replacements against the 49er defensive line.

What has been your assessment of Jimmy G this year?

I don’t wanna rile up the 49ers fan base in either direction so I’ll stick with this very political answer. He has great mechanics and as a QB coach it’s beautiful to watch.

That’s it. That’s all I’m saying. I’m trying to live a healthy life without people in my mentions calling me an idiot