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Week 14 NFL rooting guide for playoff positioning

Time to Ram it!

Here we are again. Rooting for other teams to not ruin the fun of the San Francisco 49ers. Unlike draft positioning, determining who should win or lose is pretty simple.

Except for this week. There are some wrinkles this week that we should go into regarding who to root for this week. There’s not much in terms of conference play that we can get into, but there are some games that you should concern yourself with.

The following are games you should care about:

Washington(3-9) at Packers (9-3): Washington. Because any 49ers fan from the 90s wants Green Bay to lose. Plus, we don’t need anyone else getting involved in this seeding business.

Lions (3-8-1) at Vikings (8-4): Vikings. I’d much rather put Green Bay on the road than have any scenario where the 49ers have to go to Lambeau Field where it’s, like, five degrees. This, like many of my suggestions, is in no way an expert opinion and I’m well aware you do not care. That is fine in this situation.

It might be a longshot, but I’d much rather head to Minnesota in any sort of seeding scenario than Green Bay. You could make a better argument as to why not.

Seahawks (10-2) at Rams (7-5): TIE. Root for a tie here. Tie would do the most here. Since those rarely happen, we’re rooting for the Rams. The Rams almost won in Seattle earlier this year if not for a wide right Greg Zuerlein chip-shot (What? a field goal miss out of nowhere. THAT NEVER HAPPENS TO SEATTLE!)