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49ers vs. Saints final score: The 49ers beat the Saints 48-46 and have nothing left to prove

The San Francisco 49ers head to the Big Easy to take on the Saints! Find information here on the 49ers-Saints game time, TV channel, live online streaming options, radio, announcers and more!

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Final Score

Wild, Wild game. Firs Brees marches down for a touchdown thanks to a stupid Richard Sherman penalty and gets the Saints up 46-45 with :53 left. The Saints missed the two point conversion which would be costly.

Then Jimmy Garoppolo did this.

George Freaking Kittle

Final Score 48-46.

Knock it off with the Jimmy Garoppolo takes. That ice cold. He and Kittle just ripped the Saints’ hearts out.

Jimmy Garoppolo took the team on his back and with a George Kittle catch got them in field goal rang. THe Saints were penalized for a dumb facemask penalty and the 49ers

Scoring update:

49ers got a field goal on a great drive stalled by a Jimmy Garoppolo sack. The Saints have one time out and two minutes. The 49ers defense has a chance to show their stuff against Drew Brees. Whatchu got? 45-40, 49ers.

Scoring update:

Thanks to a Richard Sherman holding penalty on third down, Drew Brees found Michael Thomas for several huge plays and the Saints scored. It’s 42-40, 49ers, but momentum has shifted.

Scoring update

First, a third down helmet it on Kyle Juzcyzyk set up 1st and goal. On first glance you might think it was dirty. It wasn’t. I even thought it was on Twitter. There was nothing the Saints defender could do. It’s a good call, but not a dirty play. Juice is out for the rest of the game most likely being evaluated for a concussion.

But from there, we have another touchdown from Jimmy Garoppolo to Kendrick Bourne. If the 49ers win, this might be his signature game. It’s 42-33, 49ers and if they can get a stop here, they can kill some clock, kick a field goal and get the hell out of here.

Come on, boys.

Turnover on downs after the play

The 49ers can’t stop 4th and 1, but they can stop 4th and 18. The Saints tried a fake on a punt play, but Richie James held the hell out of the receiver. The thing is, that’s perfectly legal on punts.

The 49ers have taken over on downs and are in great field position.

But of course, a Raheem Mostert run got flagged for block in the back.

Scoring update

Breaking news: the 49ers cannnot defend 4th and 1.

Regardless, they held the Saints to a field goal for the second consecuitve drive. The 49ers are up by two points. It’s 35-33, 49ers.


Not a point anymore. the 49ers went to business after the fumble and Garoppolo went surgical to quickly score a touchdown thanks to one George Kittle. It hurts my fantasy team, but I don’t care. It’s 35-30, 49ers. If they can get a stop and another TD + Field Goal, I’d say that should do it. Come on guys.

And another turnover alert

The 49ers forced a fumble on Alvin Kamara after the punt

Weston Richburg carted off

Center Weston Richburg was carted off the field. It looked like he was holding his knee. Not good.

Turnover alert!

Jimmy Garoppolo had a perfect passer rating. Not anymore because Emmanual Sanders tipped a ball for the pick special. That is NOT on Garoppolo. Sanders has to catch that, there’s no excuse for it.

The defense held the Saints to a field goal and now it’s 30-28. The offense is stopped on a three and out and Weston Richburg is holding is leg.

Injury update

Dee Ford is out for the rest of the game. He re-aggravated his injury.

Scoring update

49ers got the stop and then engineered a genius offensive drive to take the lead thanks to the efforts of one Raheem Mostert. The 49ers running backs are something else.

It’s 28-27, 49ers and that stupid 2-point conversion by the Saints might haunt them.

Scoring update

Good [site-decorum] God. If the 49ers defense could just wake up. The Saints have marched down the field and scored again. Then the 49ers turned right around and did the same thing.

The 49ers have 21 points off 13 plays and are not going away in this game. If they could put some sort of defense together, they’d be blowing the Saints out. But the Defense is out for smoothies.

27-21, Saints

Scoring update

Folks, we might have a shootout here. The first play for the 49ers offense is a bomb to Emmanuel Sanders that he not only falls down on, but leaps up and takes off to the endzone for a touchdown. I’m shocked Sanders didnt’ get flagged for offensive pass interference.

In any case, the 49ers have answered in one play and it’s 20-14, Saints. Now if the defense can just show up.

Scoring update

Second quarter begins and the first play is a Taysom Hill touchdown pass from Drew Brees. The 49ers defense has not tackled. No, not “not tackled well” just not tackled. At all. The defense looks like a throwback to the 2017 and 2018 teams with how poor it is.

It’s 20-7, Saints and now 40-year-old Brees looks like a immortal Greek God thanks to the 49ers defense. The defense has no answer to the Saints offense.

Scoring update, it’s 49ers vs. the Refs:

It’s going to be the 49ers vs. the Officials again it looks like. The Saints have scored with Jared Cook for the second time in the first quarter. During the 49ers scoring drive, Emmanuel Sanders was blasted while on his knees. It was a clear defenseless receiver call, the refs held the flag.

No problem, it’s a good no call. But then Brees hits Jared Cook and he gets drilled in the endzone. Unnecessary Roughness. It’s another call that can go either way, but this is what I was saying: either do it or don’t for both sides. Don’t be doing this crap.

The Saints failed the 2-point conversion and it’s 13-7, Saints.

Scoring update:

That was far more impressive. The 49ers did only two runs and then slung it to Emmanuel Sanders, Deebo Samuel, and Kendrick Bourne to answer to the Saints score. It looked bleak when Samuel dropped an easy touchdown pass on 1st and goal, but the 49ers hit Bourne on 3rd down after a strange wildcat play with Richie James. I’d like to add that’s what championship teams do. Miss your touchdown? Do it again a down or two later. This is the first time the Saints got scored on at home by an opponent on the first drive.

It’s 7-7. The 49ers drive was far more impressive.

Too bad special teams is still asleep. The Saints just brought it out midfield on the kickoff.

Scoring Update

Someone tell the 49ers shoulder bashes don’t work as tackles. The Saints had little trouble moving the ball down the field on their first offensive series and it ended with a Drew Brees touchdown to Jared Cook 38-yards.

Someone needs to remind them that piss-poor tackling doesn’t work in the NFL. 7-0, Saints.


The Gauntlet concludes this weekend with the San Francisco 49ers traveling to face the New Orleans Saints at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. It’s an important game for playoff positioning and for the 49ers to keep pace with the Seattle Seahawks.

The 49ers are hitting the third game of what is known as The Gauntlet. A three-game stretch that is in many ways, the hardest in NFL history. They blew out the Green Bay Packers, but lost by three points to the superior Baltimore Ravens. The final game is a game in New Orleans. San Francisco prepared for this, electing to stay on the east coast to keep their bodies from dealing with lag and be at less of a disadvantage with the early start. This will be a morning game with a 10:00 AM start time. Kevin Burkhardt will be calling the game with Charles Davis on color.

The 49ers are in a battle for that precious first seed and also the NFC West. The Seattle Seahawks continue to get wins from out of nowhere after putting themselves into small holes. That makes this game all the more important. The 49ers might be the healthiest they’ve been this season, getting everyone but Jaquiski Tartt for this game. We might finally see what this 49ers team is at full strength.

The Saints have been doing well and have shown incredible depth to their squad. When Drew Brees went down early in the season, Teddy Bridgewater was next to step up and carry the load. Since then, he’s shown he might be the heir to Brees when Brees decides to hang it up. Brees is back in the lineup, but the Saints have to feel good about that multiple game audition. The Saints also have some good playmakers in running back Alvin Kamara and wide receiver Michael Thomas. You can use the pocket passer excuse on Drew Brees for the 49ers defense, but that’s where the Saints have Taysom Hill to run their version of the wildcat. 49ers fans will recognize it as the “Kaepernick Package” that Jim Harbaugh’s 49ers ran while Alex Smith was the starting quarterback.

It all shapes up to another fun game. It’s not easy to play in New Orleans, but the fans have shown up in droves to the state to cheer the team on. If the 49ers can win this, it will put them in a comfortable position and a chance to run the table and win this division thing. Something they haven’t had since 2012.

The 49ers will be without safety Jaquiski Tartt (ribs) and defensive tackle Jullian Taylor (elbow). Wide receivers Marquise Goodwin (knee, and foot) and Dante Pettis (knee) are questionable as is tackle Joe Staley (finger).

The Saints will be without linebackers Kiko Alonso (thigh), and A.J. Klein (knee), running back Zach Line (knee), guard Andrus Peat (forearm), and tight end Jason Vander Laan (head).

Location: Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans LA
Game time: Sunday, December 8, 10:00 A.M., PT
TV channel: FOX
Online streaming: fuboTV, Fox Sports
Radio: 810-AM, 107.7 (Greg Papa) | Full listings
Spanish Radio: KTRB 860-AM (Jesús Zárate, Carlos Ramirez)
Matchup history: 49ers lead series 48-26-2
Announcers: Kevin Burkhardt,Charles Davis
Enemy blog: Canal Street Chronicles
Twitter: @ninersnation
Facebook: Go ahead and give us a like! — Join Pat and his beard (AKA: Beardy) here at halftime and after the game!
Instagram: @ninersnationsbn

Regular season schedule

Week 1: @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers, 1:25 P.M., FOX, Sunday, September 8 31-17 WIN
Week 2: @ Cincinnati Bengals, 10:00 A.M., FOX, Sunday, September 15 41-17 WIN
Week 3: vs. Pittsburgh Steelers, 1:25 P.M., CBS, Sunday, September 22, 24-20 WIN
Week 4: Bye week
Week 5: vs. Cleveland Browns 5:15 P.M., ESPN, Monday, October 7 31-3, WIN
Week 6: @ Los Angeles Rams, 1:05 P.M., FOX, Sunday, October 13 20-1 WIN
Week 7: @ Washington, 10:00 A.M., FOX, Sunday, October 20 9-0 WIN
Week 8: vs. Carolina Panthers, 1:05 P.M., FOX, Sunday, October 27 51-13 WIN
Week 9: @ Arizona Cardinals, 5:20 P.M., FOX, Thursday, October 31 28-25 WIN
Week 10: vs. Seattle Seahawks, 5:15 P.M., ESPN, Monday, November 11 27-24 LOSS
Week 11: vs. Arizona Cardinals, 1:05 P.M., FOX, Sunday, November 17 36-26 WIN
Week 12: vs. Green Bay Packers, 1:25 P.M., FOX, Sunday, November 24 37-8 WIN
Week 13: @ Baltimore Ravens, 10:00 A.M., FOX, Sunday, December 1 20-17 LOSS
Week 14: @ New Orleans Saints 10:00 A.M., FOX, Sunday, December 8
Week 15: vs. Atlanta Falcons, 1:25 P.M., FOX, Sunday, December 15
Week 16: vs. Los Angeles Rams, TBD, Saturday OR Sunday, December 21/22
Week 17: @ Seattle Seahawks, 1:25 P.M., FOX, Sunday, December 29


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