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Kyle Juszczyk takes a shot, but returns to the game

That was a scare

Update: he’s back out there. Whew

The 49ers are starting to get some points against this Saints team in what might go down as the game of the year, but they will need to finish this without fullback Kyle Juszczyk. The 49ers fullback caught an improvisational throw from Jimmy Garoppolo and took a huge shot to the head.

Thankfully, he walked off of his own power. Juszczyk is headed to the medical tent and will be evaluated for a concussion. Nothing is official, but it’s most likely that his day is done. Juszczyk will enter concussion protocol and hopefully they can get him back for next week against the Atlanta Falcons.

We’ll update this when we know more. That hit might have saved the 49ers. Juszczyk took one for the team there. The play set up the go-ahead touchdown from Jimmy Garoppolo to Kendrick Bourne to give the 49ers a sizable lead.

While we’re on the subject. That is NOT a dirty play. There’s nothing the Saints defender could do to stop Juszczyk but missile into him. I mistakenly called it dirty on first glance, but when the the replay went up it clearly shows he was trying to take Juszczyk down. There’s nothing where he was torpedoing after the catch to make it a dirty hit. It’s the right call, but it’s not dirty.