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Kyle Shanahan not optimistic on Weston Richburg injury, saw him on crutches


The San Francisco 49ers got out of New Orleans with a 48-46 victory, but it won’t be without some setbacks. Center Weston Richburg went down with a leg injury and per Kyle Shanahan it’s not looking good. He said he saw Richburg on crutches, which is never good.

“They don’t tell me now,” Shanahan said in his post game press conference. “Obviously he was carted off and I just saw him on crutches. I don’t think it’s going to be too good.”

Richburg was carted off from this play and. Ben Garland came in at center.

We don’t know for sure what the injury is or the extent of it. More will come out Monday when Shanahan breaks down the injury report. Right now, stay cool. Hopefully it’s nothing significant that keeps him out of the playoffs. It’s not ideal to miss him against the Falcons, but if the 49ers can go a few weeks without him and have him back for the post-season that would be better than an alternative.

That would mean Ben Garland might step in at center for a stretch. It wasn’t awful, but losing Richburg is a huge setback for the 49ers. We’ll update when we know more.