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Sunday Night Football thread: RAM IT!

Let’s goooo RAMS!

The San Francisco 49ers did what the Seattle Seahawks couldn’t do in Seattle. They beat the New Orleans Saints. In New Orleans.

Now to right this ship we need some help from the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams were a whiffed field goal away from beating Seattle in Century Link as well. So tonight, we’re going to be fans of the Rams.

Get ready to Ram It. If the Rams can pull this off, San Francisco returns to first place in seeding and the Seahawks drop back into the wildcard. This is one of the few believable wins left on the schedule.

Here’s my challenge to you, Rams fans. If you can pull off a win tonight, I will dedicate an entire post to the Ram It theme. You read that right. I will make an open thread to end tonight with the Ram It video that we can chat about how great it is. I will talk Rams football for 700 words (or try to)

That is my offer. Now the Rams need to fulfill their part of the bargain. You want us talking about you on a 49ers’ site? You know what to do.

Don’t let me down.