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Monday Night Football thread: An NFC East team has to make the playoffs this year

The Giants and the Eagles on National TV.

Green Bay Packers v New York Giants Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

It was reported that the NFL isn’t going to toy with reseeding the playoffs. There is a strong chance that an NFC East team gets in with a record at .500 or worse. It’s annoying, and it sucks for the teams that are actually good that won’t get in. I get both arguments. I’m in the camp that you should be guaranteed a playoff spot if you win your division, but you shouldn’t be guaranteed a home playoff game. Even then, you get down to tiebreakers and who deserves what. That’s likely not changing anytime soon so if you want to get to the playoffs the easiest path is to win your division.

The New York Giants and Eli Manning are on the road to face the Philadelphia Eagles. This game will likely be painful and sloppy. The weather isn’t great, and there isn’t much talent on the field as both of these teams are banged up. The Eagles are coming into this game with three active receivers. That’s just asking for bad things to happen. The Giants 9.5 point underdogs, and the total on this game is the same as it was for the Saints and 49ers at 45. I have a hard time thinking it gets there, but turnovers and Special Teams could assist that. If you’re watching this game wire-to-wire, you are the definition of a football junkie.