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Kyle Shanahan designs, runs a play he thinks Sean McVay might use in Super Bowl

The 49ers head coach probably knows a thing or two about Sean McVay’s playbook.

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan is in Atlanta this week for Super Bowl 53, and he had a fun appearance with NFL Network’s Good Morning Football crew. They talked about the 49ers injuries, Zebra Technologies (a data tracking company the NFL is doing more with), and of course Sunday’s game featuring his former assistant Sean McVay.

At the end of the segment, they had Shanahan draw up a play he thought Sean McVay might use on Sunday against the New England Patriots. Shanahan and McVay worked together in Washington, and both are highly praised offensive minds. If anybody is going to be able to predict a play McVay might use, it’s Shanahan (and Tony Romo, I suppose).

The play features trips receivers to the right and one receiver (Brandin Cooks) to the left. They run play-action and a fake end-around to draw down the double coverage on the single receiver. The idea is that the play action and end around opens up the deep middle and right part of the field for Cooks to cut over for the deep ball.

You can watch the full interview at, but here is the segment with Shanahan drawing up the play and then the group of them executing it — including a touchdown pass to Kyle Brandt. Keep an eye out for this on Sunday.