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Is Nick Bosa’s injury history a concern?

One that ended his high school career and one that helped him decide to end his college career. Are you concerned about that?

SiriusXM At Super Bowl LIII Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Nick Bosa. At the moment, he’s perceived as the overall best player available in the draft. This is before the NFL Combine and pro days can elevate other players (or kill Bosa’s stock) but as it stands, he’s the man. He’s also gaining steam as the guy for the San Francisco 49ers with the second overall pick. This is due to a combination of things centering on what the holders of the No. 1 pick, the Arizona Cardinals, can do and the situation presented to them.

The Cardinals are going to a 3-4, a system not suited for Bosa out of the gate. Furthermore, their need for interior rushers outweighs their need for someone on the edge. This makes Alabama defensive tackle Quinnen Williams a better pick in several aspects.

Of course it’s the eternal debate, is Bosa worth it for the 49ers? Is he worth it for the Cardinals? Well if he’s worth it, what would you find concerning, if anything?

It may be a good point.

Bosa has played three years at the collegiate level. His 2018 season was cut short by a groin/abdominal injury. He played three games in before eventually calling it quits and preparing for the draft. Bosa later said the reason for not returning was a desire to not rush it back and didn’t feel right until long after the season was over—Super Bowl Week to be precise.

The other injury was an ACL injury that ended his high school career. In all, Bosa was productive for two years at Ohio State with just three games in his third and final season.

So now he’s coming to the NFL. As far as injury baggage, Bosa came back from an ACL injury and went on to have a productive college carer. It’s just unfortunately packed with the later injury suffered in 2018.

So thinking of those two injuries already in his career does any of this seem concerning for you? Or just some bad luck that shouldn’t be taken into account when evaluating what he brings to the table? Do you think this gets magnified at the NFL level?