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Will Blackmon has the 49ers as his under-the-radar team for 2019

Here we go again.

And let the hype train commence. When the 2018 season ended, the San Francisco 49ers came off a five-game winning streak, had a mountain of salary cap space, and a young nucleus of players. It all indicated great things were coming. 2018 would be a different team, Kyle Shanahan would have his vision on the field, the return of the dominating 49ers we’ve wanted since the 90s.

Then injuries happened. Oh, the injuries. The 49ers aren’t near the media darlings going into the 2019 offseason as they were in 2018 (losing your last two games to go 4-12 can do that to you), but let the momentum start again.

This happened a few days back, but it popped into my Twitter feed tonight and it’s none other than Will Blackmon picking the 49ers as his under-the-radar team:

And here we go again.

Are we going to get as much hype for the 2019 49ers as we did for 2018? Very doubtful. We’ll see how high the media/league is on them when the schedules come out later this year and list how many primetime games the 49ers get. They originally were to get five primetime games in 2018, but that number was trimmed to three. And those three would have been crossed out also if the opportunity was available. Sunday Night Football was the only football to be flexed. Monday night and Thursday night games cannot be flexed out, so the world was stuck with C.J. Beathard and Nick Mullens three times in 2018. The good thing is the 49ers offered up an entertaining product in those games — especially Nick Mullens who had one of the best debuts of any quarterback in his Thursday Night Football appearance.

The 49ers do have some cash and an offense we never got to see the full potential of due to injuries, among other things. They very well could be flying in under the radar this year. They have a lot to prove, and they can start with the division.

You know, by not losing to the Arizona Cardinals. Twice.