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Kyler Murray dropping baseball, committing to football

Now we wait to see what it means for the NFL Draft.

After weeks of wondering, we have an answer for Oklahoma quarterback Kyle Murray’s draft plans. The two-sport star has decided to fully commit to football, announcing it on Twitter Monday morning.

Murray was the ninth overall selection of the Oakland Athletics in the 2018 amateur draft. However, he exploded on the football scene this past fall, winning the Heisman Trophy after a monster breakout season. Over the winter, he and his agent, Scott Boras, had affirmed his desire to play baseball. However, in light of how his season went and the possibilities in the NFL Draft, it is not surprising to see him make this commitment.

The answer comes as the A’s report to spring training, and needed an answer as to his plans for the NFL Combine and the draft. He will report to Indianapolis at the end of the month to go through poking, prodding, and interviews to prove his worth to NFL personnel folks.

Where he goes in the draft is entirely unclear. The quarterback position is the most valuable in football, and we see teams willing to make sacrifices to get a guy they think can be their long-term answer. He likely will go in the first round, but how high is yet to be determined. Could he force a team to move up into the top handful of picks to guarantee they get him (or Dwayne Haskins)? Or do teams decide his height is enough of an issue that it causes him to slip?

This will be something for 49ers fans to track considering the value that can be found in trading down from the top of the draft.