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Eric Reid signs three-year extension with Carolina Panthers worth up to $22 million

He’ll be visiting Santa Clara this fall.

It appears Carolina Panthers safety Eric Reid will get a chance to visit Levi’s Stadium this coming season. Reid was scheduled to be a free agent this offseason, but he has signed a three-year contract worth up to $22 million. The Panthers travel to face the San Francisco 49ers this fall.

Reid joined the Panthers last September after languishing on the market. He moved into the starting lineup in Week 5 and split time between free and strong safety. He was not spectacular, but did provide solid skills as a versatile big hitter.

The safety market was an odd one last season, and Reid’s protesting did not seem to help matters. But fortunately he was finally able to land a new home and it is going to be so for at least another year or two. Reid has some weaknesses in his game, but he has versatility that not many safeties can provide. Add in his willingness to move around, and he’s a valuable commodity in this league.