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John Clayton boldly predicts both Antonio Brown and Earl Thomas to 49ers

Well this would be ideal.

We’ve been getting into prediction season in a big way. Last week, ESPN boldly predicted that Earl Thomas would be going to the 49ers, and today, we have John Clayton doubling down on not just Thomas, but Antonio Brown joining him in San Francisco. Not only do the 49ers get those two, but they also will improve 8-8 or better according to his prediction:

“The Oakland Raiders have more ammo to get a deal done, given their three first-round picks, but the Steelers would prefer to move Brown out of the AFC. The 49ers can offer the fourth pick in the second round. There remains the issue of Brown being investigated by the league for allegedly pushing the mother of his child during an incident in which no arrest was made.

Signing Thomas to play free safety is a natural fit for the 49ers. Former Seattle Seahawks teammate Richard Sherman is pushing for it, and the team’s defensive system — mostly cover-one and cover-three — is a copy of what the Seahawks use.”

The Brown situation is a convoluted one. There’s issue of Brown’s alleged domestic dispute. While an investigation is ongoing and Brown’s representatives are claiming no wrongdoing, it’s one of those things that until it’s resolved, I don’t think the 49ers will want much to do with it. Brown bid adieu to Steelers fans on Tuesday, and while he has reportedly requested a trade, it’s up to Pittsburgh to actually make it happen. Brown’s value has been rumored to have fallen to a 4th round pick, and it’s difficult to see the Steelers dealing him for 30 cents on the dollar.

Earl Thomas coming to the 49ers makes far better sense than the Dallas Cowboys and if the 49ers could land him and Brown, 8-8 or better makes a ton of sense. While Thomas may want to go to the Cowboys, that chance to beat the Seahawks twice a year and play with Richard Sherman again might be too good to pass up.

What do you think of a prediction for both of them coming to the 49ers?