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Richard Sherman joins the 49ers’ campaign to recruit Earl Thomas/Antonio Brown

It might be a simple response, but it also might be Richard Sherman putting on his recruitment hat.

This may be a simple response that doesn’t mean anything—and it probably is. That said, we’ve already seen some 49ers recruiting Antonio Brown via Twitter and Richard Sherman has been open to bringing Earl Thomas onboard. So why not just have him take care of all of it?

There’s not much you can really take from this other than Sherman hears the chatter. Or maybe Eric Davis just suggested Sherman put on his recruiting hat and get these two deals taken care of.

Sherman has been open to bringing Thomas to the team. The two were part of the Legion of Boom while they were with the Seattle Seahawks afterall. Unfortunately, there’s not much Sherman can do besides generate interest. Thomas won’t come cheap no matter where he goes and Brown...well, we don’t even know if the 49ers are going to go after Brown after recent developments.

Despite the Brown issues, the 49ers could not have a better recruiter from the NFL on their roster.