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Report: Broncos shopping Case Keenum

Let’s make Wednesday a bit stranger.

Now that quarterback Joe Flacco is headed to the Denver Broncos, that leaves the future of current starting quarterback Case Keenum in question. Keenum has one more year left on his contract and it’s safe to say the Broncos won’t be keeping both him and Flacco.

Ian Rapoport reports the Broncos are looking to trade Keenum. The one-year contract is steep, but for a bridge quarterback, Keenum is far from a terrible answer at the position. He has an $18 million salary ($7 million guaranteed per Over The Cap) for 2019, so it’s still not cheap by any stretch.

Benjamin Allbright, suggests the to keep an eye on the Arizona Cardinals as a spot for a Keenum trade in 2019. Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury was Keenum’s QB coach at the University of Houston so the two have history. Keenum would be traded with the intention of restructuring his deal with an extension and make him a long-term backup. Keenum going to the Cardinals would be the scenario most likely to impact the San Francisco 49ers, but if it’s as a backup as Allbright suggests, it would keep the rumors of if the Cardinals would draft a quarterback with the first overall pick in full swing.

ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio made a point that the Minnesota Vikings, the team Keenum took to the 2018 NFC Championship game, may also want to get him back. For that to happen it would require several moving parts (outlined in Florio’s article) and there hasn’t been any reports to suggest the Vikings are interested...yet.

A straight trade for Keenum on that salary would indicate he would start anywhere, but if an NFL team can work out an extension and cheaper money, that would be telling on what Keenum’s future holds.

Any outcomes you see happening?