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Is Odell Beckham Jr. back on the trade market?

All it takes is one prediction from Jay Glazer to get everyone talking

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All it takes is one sentence from Jay Glazer to get everyone nuts:

I predict Odell Beckham Jr. gets traded this off-season. I think that’s bold enough.

The sentence came from his mailbag where a reader asked him to make a bold prediction on the NFL offseason. It was a prediction, nothing more. But that got everyone talking.

Glazer made a point that NFL teams are more likely to swing for the fences with trades than they were a a few years ago and listed several players as possible trade targets, Beckham being one of them.

Antonio Brown Watch went into a strange state of affairs with his domestic dispute and as a result, the San Francisco 49ers may look elsewhere. Brown has requested his trade from the Steelers, but if he can facilitate one with the 49ers, or if they are even interested remains to be seen.

So maybe the 49ers go in a different direction. Denver Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders was Plan B, but a better plan is Beckham. Is he on the trade block? The Giants have denied it and they did sign him to an extension last summer. Despite the positives, Beckham himself did post a rather cryptic tweet after the Glazer prediction.

If there is any chance of a trade, Beckham is going to cost a lot more than Brown. The only negative in negotiations is his contract. He’s young, productive, and just signed a long-term deal. I felt Brown was worth a third round pick before all this madness started, Beckham is going to be worth much, much more, without question. If he’s not worth the second overall pick, the 49ers would have to package something up that New York would be satisfied with, which may be multiple picks, maybe a future first rounder. There’s not a doubt he could be a fit in Kyle Shanahan’s offense, maybe a better fit than Brown.

But first, we need to see if the Giants are even interested in trading Beckham. There hasn’t been a peep about them putting Beckham on the trading block and despite the cryptic tweet from him after Glazer’s prediction, Beckham hasn’t gone to the levels Brown has with social media.

Do you think Beckham will hit the trade block?