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Report: Steelers owner Art Rooney II flying to meet Antonio Brown, but Brown wants nothing to do with it

A trade is looking inevitable.

Pat’s update: Looks like they are going to have a sit-down

For those of you still glued to your digital devices for the latest in Antonio Brown Watch, the owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Art Rooney II is on a plane to Florida to talk to the Steelers wide receiver.

Ian Rapoport reports that while Rooney is trying to make right with Brown, Brown wants nothing of it.

Brown stated he was done a few days ago via his Instagram, which led to speculation that he would be traded. Reports came that he officially requested a trade. Now Rooney is trying to make a last-minute effort to keep the star wide receiver in Pittsburgh.

In his latest MMQB piece, Albert Breer offered some context on the situation thus far as well including a report that Brown put in multiple trade requests over the last two months. In early January, Mike Tomlin said that Brown had not asked for a trade. A few bullet points from Breer’s article are below, but I suggest reading up on everything there:

• The Steelers, as I understand it, are against trading him in the division, and against trading him to the Patriots. They’ll listen to offers from the other 27 teams.

• Is it a 100% guarantee that he gets dealt? No. Pittsburgh’s roster is aging in key spots, at quarterback, along the offensive line and in spots on defense, and there is some feeling that making it work short-term with Brown might make the most sense, given the circumstances. That, of course, would require Brown’s cooperation and a lot of fence-mending.

• All of this said, I’m told Brown’s camp has put in multiple trade requests with the Steelers over the last two months.

The 49ers are not at the top of the odds to land brown. According to, the Arizona Cardinals are favorites to land him at 9/2 odds.

And so here we are. Brown still wants out, has dealt with domestic disturbances and being found guilty of reckless driving and still has a market. The owner is on their way to try and turn this around, but it’s looking more and more like Brown has made up his mind.

Of course, Brown had something to say too.