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Kyle Brandt says 49ers could go from worst to first

Things are always better when the Good Morning Football group talks about the Niners

It’s been a strange day hasn’t it? Well, I saw this pop into my Twitter feed and it left me with a smile, so I figured I’d let everyone enjoy the awesomeness that is Good Morning Football. The NFL Network tried the AM football show thing with the aptly named NFL AM, but something was just not right with the show—it wasn’t bad, just off for lack of a better word. Good Morning Football has that sort of charm (to me anyways) that makes it entertaining, even if you don’t agree with some of the things said once in awhile.

Many of you remember GMF from last year since they were finding themselves talking about the 49ers often in anticipation of the 2018 season. The 49ers were media darlings with Jimmy Garoppolo’s strong finish in 2017 and they were no more loved than on Good Morning Football. As far as teams that missed the playoffs in 2018, Kyle Brandt made the 49ers his team to go to the playoffs in 2019:

“I’m going to take a shot on a team that is a deep, deep, longshot. I’m going to talk about the Niners, because I am so fascinated by them. If you look at this leadership, of Shanahan, and Lynch, and York, you what they are going to do? They’re not going to do nothing, they have to do something bold because the division way to good. It might just be getting better with the Cardinals. They had a weird couple of years with the injuries and the late Garoppolo add in the first year. I don’t know if it’s going to be Antonio Brown, I don’t know if it’s going to be Earl Thomas. We talked to Shanahan, down in Atlanta, we said, “So Kyle, is it going to be an aggressive offseason? C’mon”

And he got that twinkle in his eyes like, “well, it’s always an aggressive offseason.”

It has to be now. Because if they go 6-10 this year. What are we doing here? The Lynch thing, the Shanahan thing, it’s not working, there’s no more excuses, no more injured quarterbacks. The questions start coming. The division is just so good, I feel like they know that we gotta take a shot here. I think they are going to be extremely bold, and I think it will work. I would love to see the 49ers go from worst to first.”

A big question is going to be how much of a leash Shanahan and Lynch get after 2019, especially if it’s below expectations. The 49ers may still not be Super Bowl contenders in 2019, but they will need to show improvement. The roster has been overhauled and the draft picks are getting playing time. Now, the team needs to take that next step and show they are a threat to the division. They don’t need to run away with the NFC West and go 14-2, but they need to show progress as a team. While I doubt any big decisions will be made in the front office or head coaching roles if the team takes another nose dive, there will be some changes if the team stays on it’s current path and fails to get .500.

A lot of the skepticism for the 49ers in 2019 is based on the horribly bad 2018 season from Hell, but with the free agency class available, as well as Antonio Brown Watch airing new episodes every morning, the 49ers have ample opportunities to fill in more holes and just have a few cracks left to patch up with one more offseason. But progress will be needed.

If you can’t see the tweet (and video) above, click here to view it.