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Golden Nuggets: Kaepernick and Reid’s lawsuit concludes

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday, February 16th 2019

What a day. In case you missed it, the collusion lawsuit brought forth by Colin Kaepernick and Eric Reid has finally ended in a settlement. Details are confidential, but it looks like no ugly courtroom drama will be drawn out for either side.

I’m not going to go into the politics of the move because, quite honestly, I’m a terrible lawyer and the closest thing I have to legal counsel, one David Fucillo, is in New Orleans doing...well...whatever the hell Fooch does when he’s not here. From the looks of things, the NFL would have had to open things up in discovery which would have been bad for them, considering the NFL doesn’t settle with players over disputes (at least from current memory). I doubt the NFL wants anything out in the open and that had something to do with the settlement.

All I can hope is Kaepernick somehow can and will find a way back onto a team. Eric Reid has signed an extension which is great, but I hope Kaepernick can still play football. I’ve never thought Kaepernick was a be-all end-all quarterback, but he’s an incredible backup at the very least (especially when compared to what teams are bringing instead) and why he’s not being brought in somewhere like Baltimore (which is running an offense that fits him) is beyond me. Then again, they tried that before (allegedly).

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