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AAF Week 2 Saturday open thread

Let’s see if we can keep getting that good football in the NFL offseason.

The AAF did us a favor by not just giving us football, but watchable football. They shocked me and others last week with a product that wasn’t half bad.

So now the AAF enters Week 2 and we have a Saturday thread for both games. Depending on activity, we may make a second thread, but for now, consider this the thread for both games.

First up is the Salt Lake Stallions at the Birmingham Irons. If there was any complaint to make about these games, it was the quarterback play. Unless you watched Birmingham’s Luis Perez, who managed to win the weekend. Also on Birmingham’s side is former 49ers wide receiver Quinton Patton. Patton had a very nice showing in Week 1. Hopefully he keeps the momentum up and finds his way back into the NFL. They also have Lawrence Okoye. A long-time 49ers project from the Jim Harbaugh days. Okoye had little football experience when coming to the 49ers and the 49ers just couldn’t find a way to use and develop him. Okoye has some legal issues to iron out, so he might not be showing up for this. Salt Lake’s quarterback left last week's’ game with a leg injury so they might give us worse offenses than we expect. 49ers you can find on Salt Lake are Mike Purcell, a defensive tackle who got a fumble returned for a touchdown in a 49ers preseason game and did pretty much nothing since that milestone.

The afternoon game is Arizona Hotshots at Memphis Express. This one is a bit more interesting for 49ers fans, mostly because former head coach Mike Singletary is coaching the Express. When in 49ers gear, Singletary made it clear he wanted winners, and last week he might still be looking for them because the Express couldn’t score a single point last week. Jack Heneghan who made a trip to 49ers training camp in 2018 is backing up the Hotshots, while Jeff Locke (who also got a 49ers training camp) is punting for them.

Salt Lake Stallions at Birmingham Irons

Where: Legion Field, Birmingham, Alabama
When: February 16, 2019 | 11:00 P.M. PST
Online Streaming:

Arizona Hotshots at Memphis Express

Where: Liberty Bowl, Memphis, Tennessee
When: February 16, 2019 | 5:00 P.M. PST
TV: NFL Network
Online Streaming: