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Antonio Brown is holding an AMA

Grab some popcorn.

Just when you think Antonio Brown Watch can’t get crazy enough, we now have the star wide receiver hosting an AMA. For those of you not familiar, an AMA is short for “Ask Me Anything” and revolves around the organizer heading to a social media source (Reddit, Twitter, etc.) and doing just as the name suggests.

Because Brown has become a hot trade candidate for the San Francisco 49ers, and the entire situation is curious, I’m going to start a post that I’ll update as more questions come piling out. I’ll do my best to get some context on everything as we go on.

The AMA is ongoing as he hasn’t answered all 10 questions as advertised, but there’s some things to gather. Rather than me sit and write this, I’ll just drop each tweet he has and chime in when necessary. Mr. Brown, the floor of Niners Nation is now yours:

Conflict/feud with Ben Roethlisberger:

What it means: There was thought to be some issues between Brown and Roethlisberger. This whole thing started when Brown threw a football at and stormed off. It sounds like Brown isn’t happy with the double standard Roethlisberger gets. One where he can, as he says, call out coaches. If anyone else, and there’s consequences.

Desire for a new contract:

What it means: Some of the speculation for why Brown and the Steelers can’t play nice is that it’s his way for asking for a new contract. The Steelers haven’t budged, so he wants to go elsewhere. This isn’t the first time the Steelers have had issues paying someone in recent memory.

Brown says it’s not about the money. There’s an adage that when someone says, “It’s not about the money,” it means one thing: it’s all about the money. If that adage applies here is up to the reader.

Where Brown wants to play

What this means: *shrug*

Leaving the Steelers

What this means: Brown’s representatives have requested a trade per reports and he said farewell on Instagram last week. Art Rooney II was flying to Florida to meet with Brown to talk things out. An act Brown originally wanted no part of, but as you can see by an above tweet, he’s warmed up to.

Issues with Mike Tomlin

What this means: Beyond Roethlisberger, Brown has had some issues with the Steelers head coach. What happened in that final game of 2018 is where things boiled over. At some point, Brown didn’t feel 100 percent. And left practice because of an injury. This is the same practice where he threw a football and stormed off—so what really happened is up in the air.

In his end-season press conference, Tomlin said the Steelers would handle things and that Brown hadn’t requested a trade.

Brown said he has 10 questions he’s going to answer through the course of the day, so we’ll update this post with more tweets if they should come available.