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This Jerick McKinnon tweet might spark some optimism

He’s ready

Welcome to the offseason. The good news with it being slow for San Francisco 49ers news is that we get to have some discussions on free agents and the NFL at large. When there is anything 49ers related to add a discussion, or make you optimistic at the very least, you can bet we’ll get it. Well, it doesn’t get more optimistic than this:

Why that’s Jerick McKinnon chiming in. What is he ready for? We can all speculate. There hasn’t been any official word on if McKinnon is cleared for aggressive training, but maybe he’s ready for training of any kind.

McKinnon tore his ACL in the final play of the final preseason practice and was out for the year. The injury made Kyle Shanahan alter the offensive playbook and the 49ers’ injury woes began. Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo followed with the same injury three weeks later. What would the offense have been like with Jet and Garoppolo on the field? We will (hopefully) get a look once this long offseason concludes.

But McKinnon is ready. Sounds optimistic enough to me!