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Golden Nuggets: Not A “Kaepernick Thread”

A daily compilation of 49ers news from around the net. Sunday, February 17th, 2019 edition.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Cincinnati Bengals

Good morning folks, things have quieted down since a raucous end-of-the-week, where roster moves were made, 49ers-adjacent rumors and reports were swirling around, and the latest installment of the always-popular “Kaepernick Thread” was released for everyone rip each other’s eyeballs out over. Saturday’s news, on the other hand, was quite mild in comparison.

A fistful-of-salt report was made by Mike Florio of the frequently-criticized Pro Football Talk, in which he concluded that Antonio Brown has suggested that a new deal is not required should he be traded. The mercurial wide receiver has been heavily linked to the 49ers due to his social media activity since publicly airing his grievances with his current team, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Despite being arguably the most dominant WR in the league for several years now, many fans have questioned his fit in a young locker room such as the 49ers have, as well as his stability, due to several puzzling off-field incidents.

The soon-to-be 31-year-old, who hasn’t yet displayed the type of physical regression generally associated with his age, would hold a relatively attractive contract should be traded - the new team would be on the hook for 13 million per year for three years, with no guarantees. Florio contends that Brown would not push the issue of a new contract, which would seemingly increase his value among potential suitors. However, Florio eventually expressed uncertainty with his own thesis in the body of the article.

In more concrete news, former 49ers DB Coach Jeff Hafley, who left in a horizontal move to THE Ohio State University, reportedly turned down an earlier interview with the Cincinatti Bengals for a Defensive Coordinator opening. Despite the inability of the 49ers to reach .500 for some time now, many former assistants have been finding options for promotions. Despite declining an opportunity to interview for a promotion, he joins former 49ers QB Coach Rich Scangarello - who did take a promotion with the Denver Broncos - as coaches who were given options to interview for higher rankings jobs coming from a 4-win team. It might be a bit of reach, but I’d contend that this intimates that the 49ers are closer than the record suggests.

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