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Extensive Quinnen Williams film breakdown

If you narrowed down the two draft prospects most see the San Francisco 49ers taking, it’s Josh Allen and Nick Bosa. Make it the big three and you’d add Quinnen Williams to the mix. The Alabama defensive tackle has been a beast for most of his career at Alabama and making life difficult for opposing SEC teams.

On first glance at the player and the position, it seems unnecessary for a draft pick. After all, the 49ers have Solomon Thomas who was drafted two years ago. While Thomas has been a bit disappointing, he’s in no way an absolute bust. Williams does offer more upside, at least as an unknown prospect. So why is Williams getting so much love? Because he’s becoming a can’t miss prospect in many eyes.

Friend of the site, Brett Kollmann went through some Williams film and showed how his play affects offensive lines. If the voice/name sound familiar it’s because he did a great breakdown of Jimmy Garoppolo a year ago that made the rounds here.

Enjoy the video and if you can’t see the above, click here.