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Mike Clay releases his unit grades for each NFL team

Do you agree with his grades for the 49ers?

NFL free agency is creeping up with less than a month to go which means we have the analyses of team needs and predictions of where everyone may end up. ESPN’s Mike Clay put together his free agency cheat sheet. The cheat sheet isn’t anything you haven’t seen, but he attaches grades for each team’s unit on a scale of 1 to 10.

The 49ers are interesting. Tight end gets a lock at 9/10. I’m guessing that 9 is all George Kittle and the 1 is the disappointing showing by Garrett Celek. More interesting is other assessments. Running back, which may have been seen as a strength of the 49ers is listed here at a 5. Even with a middle of the road assessment, it’s hard to see the 49ers bringing in any big names at the position besides a traditional big-bodies back like they did with Alfred Morris. Quarterback is listed at 7, a decent assessment since the jury is still out on Jimmy Garoppolo.

The worst assessment isn’t EDGE like some may guess, but safety, which is left with a dominant ‘3’. The 49ers need a safety, but I’m a bit surprised EDGE gets graded a ‘5’.

So there’s the cheat sheet. Now that you’ve seen Mike Clay’s grades, what do you rank each unit with the 49ers? Feel free to copy and paste this and add your grades (1-10) in the comments: