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Odell Beckham Jr. trade rumors now get a chance to overshadow Antonio Brown rumors

The Combine should be fun.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at New York Giants Ed Mulholland-USA TODAY Sports

The Antonio Brown rumors have quieted down while we wait for the arrival of the 2019 NFL Combine. Now however, we get Odell Beckham Jr. rumors heating back up. OBJ has been mentioned in trade rumors dating back to last year, and last week, Jay Glazer threw some gas on the fire.

I predict Odell Beckham Jr. gets traded this off-season. I think that’s bold enough.

Glazer did not say he was hearing from sources it would happen, so it’s not quite a firm report. But Glazer is as connected as anybody in NFL media, so this would suggest he has at least heard something related to a potential deal.

On Monday, Pro Football Talk contributor Chris Simms added his own details to the chatter. He talked about how he and Mike Florio heard all the chatter at the owners’ meetings last year, and said he thought they were really pushing to move him. Then he stated that a deal did not happen because the team chasing hardest was the New England Patriots. His comments are a little wobbly from there, but Florio does not offer up any surprise in response to Simms.

Odds of OJ or Brown getting dealt still seem relatively slim at this point. A Brown deal seems more likely than an OBJ deal, but until a trade actually happens, I’m not holding my breath.

That being said, there are still odds to bet on where these guys might land. The most recent odds are for OBJ, and come courtesy of I’m not finding them on the site at the moment, but they dropped these last Thursday. They ask what team OBJ will be playing for when Week 1 of the 2019 season arrives.

New York Giants: 1/1
San Francisco 49ers: 4/1
Miami Dolphins: 7/1
Oakland Raiders: 7/1
Pittsburgh Steelers: 9/1
Arizona Cardinals: 10/1
New York Jets: 12/1
Buffalo Bills: 25/1
Chicago Bears: 25/1
Cleveland Browns: 25/1
Dallas Cowboys: 25/1
New England Patriots: 25/1