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Steelers agree to honor Antonio Brown trade request

Now things get interesting.

Fooch’s update: Ian Rapoport is reporting the Steelers are looking to make a trade, but have NOT given Drew Rosenhaus permission to seek a trading partner on his own.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have agreed to work with Antonio Brown to find him a new home. Brown and his agent Drew Rosenhaus met with Steelers president Art Rooney, and according to his tweet and a report from Adam Schefter, the Steelers agreed that a trade would be for the best.

The NFL Combine gets going a week from today, and it is safe to say the Steelers will be busy talking with other teams about a deal. This clears up the Steelers thoughts on the situation, but it does not guarantee a deal can get done.

We have no idea what the Steelers want in compensation, so that is a big issue. Additionally, Brown mentioned wanting to go to a team that has guaranteed money to spend. So it is safe to say he’d like to talk with his next time about a contract extension. That adds a significant wrinkle to any negotiations.

Given what Brown tweeted and Schefter subsequently reported, it seems likely that the Steelers have told Rosenhaus he can seek a deal on behalf of his client. If so, that would remove the concerns about tampering and lets all potential parties involved cut to the chase. We’ll see what teams leak out with interest as the Combine gets going next week.