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George Kittle says fans confuse him for C.J. Beathard

Given his explanation it makes sense, but I don’t see it.

The 49ers are making their rounds at radio row for Super Bowl LIII and George Kittle has been making some pit stops. He joined Jim Rome on Radio Row to talk about how the Antonio Brown trade started and he joined Ian Rapoport in the same area to bring out this interesting nugget.

As you can see by the above image (go here if you can’t see it) Kittle says that he gets confused for quarterback C.J. Beathard an awful lot:

You have no idea. We have the exact same facial hair. He’s like 6’2, I’m 6’4. White guys from Iowa, same facial hair. Yesterday, a dude just ran at me— I’m leaving the aquarium—and a dude ran at me, “C.J. Beathard!” and I was like, “Oh my goodness.” It happens to me all the time. Even in our hotel in Santa Clara that we go to before games, when I walk in, three to four people every time, “What’s up, C.J.?” It’s crazy. So as George Kittle, I can hide, but as C.J. Beathard, I am out there.

As a joke, Kittle went on to say he’s signed autographs as C.J. Beathard multiple times. If someone refers to him as C.J., he assumes the role of the 49ers backup quarterback for autograph purposes.

As far as confusing the two, I always thought Kittle’s size compared to Beathard was where someone could not get the two confused. Also, while their facial hair might be similar, Beathard’s goatee seems a bit more connected than Kittle’s. That said, looking over some photos and their hair style/color, it makes more sense how being in the moment and seeing one of them you could misidentify who is who.

Can you see yourself getting two getting confused?