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Report: Dolphins to move on from Ryan Tannehill

Does this change the race for a quarterback?

The Miami Dolphins and quarterback Ryan Tannehill are expected to part ways. The news comes off a recent report by Dolphins beat writer Armando Salguero where the Dolphins were to first attempt trading him, but will most likely release him—something Tannehill expects. Due to Tannehill’s contract and the agreement between all parties, this may be the expected outcome. The article states that the release is something mutual; Tannehill wants to play somewhere he has the best opportunity, and the word ‘tank’ has been brought in a few select interviews during Miami’s head coaching search.

So this leaves another quarterback vacancy in the NFL. The Dolphins sit at No. 13 on the draft board. Trading up to the second spot is going to require an ample amount of ammo, and if the Dolphins are looking at tanking as the article suggests, it wouldn’t be smart to tank and not have any high draft picks to use the following season. If the plan for tanking is to surplus some cap space and make a run at free agency in a year after some draft picks develop (or go go the elegant tank route), I still can’t fathom why you would give up valuable draft picks.

The San Francisco 49ers sit at second on the board and Nick Bosa is becoming a reality given recent mock drafts. For the 49ers to not only trade to 13, but also pass on the best fit for their number one need is going to cost a pretty penny. Given that there are teams behind the 49ers that would make a cheaper trade partner, a trade to number two may not be necessary.

This all changes if Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins, Oklahoma’s Kyler Murray, or any other quarterback goes lights out in workouts. If there’s a can’t-miss quarterback prospect (in a draft where there’s not many to begin with), the Dolphins may want to secure that quarterback by any means necessary, which could lead to a bidding war with several other teams.

Any way you slice it, the Dolphins are another team looking for a quarterback in a draft where there are few and even fewer that would be worth a high draft pick. What would it take to move from 13 to two? Would you do it?