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Antonio Brown speaks on where he wants to play in 2019 ... sort of

The wide receiver wouldn’t say if he wanted to go to the 49ers specifically.

Antonio Brown watch has hit a strange, subtle period of ambiguousness. Last we heard, Jerry Rice took to the role of a whisperer of sorts passing on info to John Lynch about bringing Brown to the San Francisco 49ers. After all the trolling, ‘likes’ of pictures showing him in Niners gear, the statements, the reports—everything, Brown was finally caught on camera to shed some light on all of rumors sweeping the NFL. Does he want to play for the 49ers? Where does he want to play?

Except he didn’t answer any of that:

It doesn’t matter where, he just wants to win. The response may sound like he’s holding something back or that he’s trying to dodge the question, but if you’d seen an Antonio Brown interview before, you’d know it’s anything but. For anyone unfamiliar with Brown’s interview conduct, he’s been very soft-spoken for most of his career, a man of few words if you will. Here’s an interview he did with Jimmy Kimmel a year ago where Kimmel ran the interview for most of the segment. This reaction and response isn’t something new. Plus, with him in contact with the Steelers, saying anything could put an end to those talks real quick. There have been times he’s been vocal, but this reaction is nothing we haven’t seen.

So no confirmation he wants to go to the 49ers. At least, when the microphone is in front of him. So that may mean more ‘likes’ on Instagram and Twitter if this continues.