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Nick Bosa: ‘I would be lucky to get picked by [the 49ers]’

In a recent KNBR appearance, the Ohio State defensive end showed some interest in the team that may need him most.

SiriusXM At Super Bowl LIII Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Nick Bosa. The name is getting more familiar by the day and may be the person the San Francisco 49ers walk away with at the No. 2 spot in the 2019 NFL draft—and the Ohio State defensive end may be OK with that. There have been horror stories of players trying to stay away from specific teams in the draft. Rare as they may be, the last thing any 49er fan wants at this point is a highly-touted prospect refusing to play for the team that has interest in them.

We may not need to worry about Bosa having reservations with the 49ers. Bosa was on KNBR this week and described going to the 49ers as not being just fine, but a lucky destination.

“I would be lucky to get picked by them. I mean, the roster for a team that’s picking number two is a really stacked roster. They had the injury at quarterback that obviously allowed them to get this high in the draft. So I think it would be cool, definitely, to go play for a team that is closer than most people think to being a contender.”

Another point brought up from the interview was Bosa’s injury. After suffering an abdominal injury, he choose not to return to the Buckeyes for the remainder of 2018 and instead start working on getting ready for the draft. Bosa said the injury was, “much more severe than people realize,” and never felt back to his potential or in football shape until a few weeks ago.

The 49ers still have a long ways until the draft before they can decide on Bosa, and they have the Arizona Cardinals in front of them at No. 1. The Cardinals are switching to a 3-4, a defense Bosa says he can play in, but he also indicates he’d prefer a 4-3. He could pull an Eli Manning and refuse to play for Arizona. Not the best look, but if he wants to be sure he gets a 4-3, he could always outright refuse to go to the Cardinals.

Just a thought...