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Joe Montana has a commercial for a company offering a live stream of the Super Bowl

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Super Bowl 53 kicks off in less than 24 hours, and I imagine most people here at Niners Nation have their plans in place for the game. Kickoff is set for approximately 3:30 p.m. PT on CBS, and whether it be a big Super Bowl party or just enjoying the game at home, most of us will be watching the game.

For folks that don’t have a TV or won’t be in front of their TV come kickoff, there are plenty of live streaming options. And now, 49ers legend Joe Montana is promoting a new live stream option. He put together this commercial for a company called DA ZN (pronounced Da Zone). They are joining the growing world of streaming services, and as with all of the options, DA ZN is offering a free trial. The commercial features Montana surprising 49ers fans in Canada.

If you don’t feel like using some random new streaming service, the game will be streamed for free at CBS Sports and CBS All-Access. For those that have FuboTV, you can stream it there as well. There is zero reason to be paying for a stream of the Super Bowl, but these are some options to keep in mind for when the 2019 season gets going.