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John Clayton gives his price tags for Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham Jr.

This week, things heated up with Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham Jr. getting tossed around in trade rumors to the San Francisco 49ers. The problem is, both come with some red flags. We’ve discussed Brown’s antics as well as Beckham’s, and now John Clayton weighs in.

The NFL writer was on KNBR’ Garry and Larry to talk about the two wide receivers and how they may fit in San Francisco. His responses are detailed and lengthy, so I went ahead and transcribed his answer to both wide receivers. You can listen via the widget above or go here.

Antonio Brown

“I think what it comes down to is where do the Steelers want to hold on the draft choice compensation? If they are holding to a number 1, I don’t think anything happens. I thought maybe there was an outside chance a couple of weeks ago, that the Raiders would do it for a number 1, but I think that Antonio has talked his way out of the first round or he may have talked his way out of a second-round and may be available for a third. But I think that’s probably where they draw the line. It’s like, ‘OK, if we can get a second-round pick, then we’ll take it. If it’s a third-round pick, we’ll keep him.’ Because again, he’s still such a good player. Over the last six years, he’s been one of the best receivers in football. And you can make somewhat of a case that he’s a borderline hall of fame candidate after he gets out of football with the number of catches he had at such a long period of time. But, I think there are some things, little baggage there, that one assault thing that he had with his girlfriend, that has to be taken into consideration, and then how serious he is about trying to get a new contract. He’s the second highest paid wide receiver in football at 17 [million], and he’s not in a bargaining position to get extra guarantees. The team that picks him up, pretty much gets him on a three-year deal for about 11, 11 and a half million dollars a year, which isn’t bad, but if he’s going to be a possible hold out, that drops his value. I think it’s a good fit in San Francisco, because he’d be a perfect receiver to work on the other side of Marquise Goodwin.”

Odell Beckham Jr.:

“I think ideally you’d want the younger guy because there’s more upside. Because once you start to get to 31 [years old], which is where Antonio Brown is, there’s a decline in the game. And again, you even watch it with Larry Fitzgerald, who is arguably a first-ballot Hall of Famer, once he got to 31, he had to move more inside to the slot. He did great. He’s still playing. He got his $11 million to continue with the Cardinals, but there’s a drop off, because you’re not as good on the outside catching passes. So that’s where you have a little bit of concern where Beckham, he’s still hitting his stride. He’s still getting better.

”Again, the price tag is going to be significantly more because I don’t know, for example, if the Giants, for example, would only accept a first-round pick. They may want a one and a three, something like that, or a one and a four. And that might be too pricey for the 49ers to do. But, listen, you saw last year how aggressive they were with Khalil Mack, and so, I wouldn’t be shy if you’re going to be them.

In the end, I don’t see the Giants trading him. Again, they’ve got to get a young quarterback in there to go with Eli Manning, and why take away your best receiver even though he does give you some headaches?”

It will be interesting to see how things roll out with the 49ers being attached to both receivers in the coming weeks. After Brown’s recent videos and social media activity, it’s hard to see the 49ers spending big on him, and it’s hard to see the Giants still letting Odell Beckham Jr. go anywhere else after they just got done extending him.

Between the two, which one do you see coming to the 49ers?


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