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Steelers GM says three teams have contacted about Antonio Brown

He might be off some radars, but Antonio Brown is getting some traction.

We return to Antonio Brown Watch once again because the Pittsburgh Steelers have been in the news. Earlier this week, they asked Brown to cut out the social media weirdness and now Steelers GM Kevin Colbert was on NFL Network to talk about the Antonio Brown trade. There are two things to take from the appearance. The first is that three teams have contacted him about Brown:

“Teams have reached out. We’ve had, you know, I’d say three teams that have touched base with us, and we’ll see where that grows. I think it will continue to grow.”

Could the 49ers be one of them? What’s interesting is what Colbert says after revealing who’s contacted them about Brown:

“Once you get through your own free agency evaluations, you have a much better understanding about the draft process, coming out of the Combine just from a physical and mental a health standard we try to gather when we’re there and I think teams come away and say, “Ok maybe this receiver draft isn’t what we thought it was.” Or maybe it’s stronger. It could go that way too and we understand that. But right now the one thing it doesn’t change is Antonio Brown and his value of a football player.”

Colbert also made a point that the Steelers are prepared to keep Brown if adequate compensation does not appear. This is something, according to Colbert, Brown is prepared for as well as his agent.

We’ve been saying for awhile the Combine is where things will get going as far as Brown trade talks are concerned. Colbert makes a good point that teams could get a look at the wide receiver crop and decide Brown is worth spending a pick to get on the team, or the opposite could happen and a few good wide receivers could emerge from the combine which makes Brown’s already deteriorating value grow worse.

The big question is going to be what the Steelers are going to be satisfied with when all of this gets going.