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Report: Steelers want to trade Antonio Brown to an NFC team

Their plans now have a bit more visibility.

You thought we’d get through the week without Antonio Brown Watch, didn’t you? Nope, not when we have more of an idea on what Pittsburgh is up to in all of this.

Last week, we found that three teams had contacted the Steelers about Antonio Brown and that the Steelers were fine with holding onto Brown if adequate compensation wasn’t supplied. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler reports that the Steelers are also now looking to get Brown out of the AFC and place him with an NFC team.

If the NFC weren’t to work, Fowler said the Steelers are avoiding the AFC North and the New England Patriots as possible destinations.

Were one of the teams that inquired about Brown from the NFC? It’s not certain. But this now puts the 49ers out of the 32 teams and one of 16 teams that can land Brown—at least via Pittsburgh’s standards. If the 49ers want to offer up the compensation Pittsburgh is going for is another story entirely. At this point, with his videos and that whole Mr. Big Chest thing, his demand may have decayed a bit. Teams have already asked him to tone down his social media weirdness while they get something worked out and judging by his Twitter page, Brown has complied. Kind of.

The NFL combine gets going this week, which means that the real trade talks begin. It looks like the Steelers will be avoiding the AFC tables as much as possible.