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Quinnen Williams will not do bench press at NFL Combine

This probably won’t impact his draft status, but it will remain on our radar.

NFL Draft prospects are arriving in Indianapolis to kick off the 2019 NFL Combine, and every day will bring something of note for the prospects. For example, today brings the measurements for offensive linemen and running backs. Arm length will be a big one for the linemen as teams work to figure out which college tackles might need to move inside at the next level.

This coming Saturday, defensive linemen and linebackers will go through the bench press. Alabama defensive tackle Quinnen Williams, a prospect projected as high as No. 1 overall, will not take part in the bench press due to a finger injury. His agent told Ian Rapoport that Williams, “will have surgery after the Combine to make sure he’s 100% upon being drafted.”

The bench press is not the only measurement of strength, but it is arguably the most high profile. It sounds like Williams will go through the other drills during the Combine, but I have not seen formal confirmation of that.

From a physical standpoint, I imagine most teams have a pretty good handle on what he is. The interviews and team visits will be his best chance to secure a higher pick. The 49ers seem to need more help at edge rusher than defensive tackle, but maybe they surprise and jump on Williams at No. 2 if Nick Bosa is off the board. The team has acknowledged a need for improved pass rush, but they have otherwise kept their cards close to their vest. I don’t imagine this news will drastically change their plans, but it’s something to keep on our radar.