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Steve Keim confirms Josh Rosen is Cardinals quarterback ... ‘right now’


Arizona Cardinals general manager Steve Keim held his Combine press conference on Wednesday, and he did not do much to slow down the Kyler Murray chatter. When asked if he was the Cardinals quarterback, he offered up an endorsement that was not exactly ringing.

The Cardinals spent a first round pick on Josh Rosen a year ago, but Kliff Kingsbury has been connected to Kyler Murray thanks to his October comments saying he’d take Murray No. 1 in the draft if he could. Keim is the primary personnel decision-maker, but given Kingsbury’s value as an offensive mind, you’d have to think there has at least been some discussion about the position.

This could all end up being nothing. The Cardinals very well could decide to spend the No. 1 pick on Nick Bosa or Quinnen Williams, but this will do nothing to slow down the rumors. I am skeptical Murray goes No. 1, but the Cardinals are not making it easier to shut that down.

I think this sums it up best.