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John Lynch is happy to pump up Kyler Murray’s draft stock

The 49ers GM is happy to expound on the virtues of the Oklahoma quarterback ... just because.

The San Francisco 49ers are not in the market for a quarterback in the 2019 NFL Draft, but they are happy to make sure other teams are aware of just how good some of these quarterback prospects could. More specifically, how good Kyler Murray could be in the NFL.

General manager John Lynch confirmed what most of us already knew — the team is not in the market for a quarterback. However, he did say he really enjoyed watching Murray’s tape even though the 49ers are never going to draft him.

“We obviously aren’t in the market for a quarterback, but I keep throwing his darn film on because he’s so fun to watch,” the 49ers general manager said Thursday. “He’s an electric player.”

”I hadn’t seen Kyler play much, man,” Lynch said. “It is electric, and it’s fun to watch. That Heisman was for real.”

Murray was the big story of Thursday after he officially measured in at 5’10 1/8 and 207 pounds. There were concerns he would be under 5’10 and might weigh in under 200 pounds. He checked both boxes with his official measurements, and analysts can breath a sigh of relief as they figure out just how high they want to list Murray in their mock drafts.

There has been plenty of talk that Murray could very well go No. 1 overall if Arizona Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury pushes for him. We’ve got two months until the draft, and with Cardinals GM Steve Keim providing a lukewarm (at best) endorsement of Josh Rosen, the rumors aren’t ending anytime soon.

Height has been the talk with Murray, but 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan explained why it was not a huge deal. Shanahan sees how height can matter, but does not think there should be absolutes.

“I don’t think anything is happening differently. You just seen one person do it and then other people realize things are possible. You watch snowboarding and stuff and people never thought you could do more than whatever two 360s is, 720. Then all of a sudden, he does three of them and a year later, 10 of them do that. I mean, we’d all like tall guys with the biggest arm in the world who can run faster than everyone and know how to play quarterback. You haven’t seen those all over the years. Drew Brees is as good as anyone who’s ever played the game, he’s a smarter one. So, it goes by percentages. The odds are that if you’re taller, it should be easier. If you’re faster, it should be easier. If you have a better arm, it should be easier. But, like I’ll say about every single position, there’s no absolutes at anything. So, if guys can throw and play the position, they don’t have to dunk. If you can jump, you can be small and still dunk. So, everyone gets too big into, ‘Odds are, the taller you are, the easier it is.’ But short guys can play and that’s being proven over and over again.”

So if you’re reading, Arizona Cardinals personnel people, you know what you need to do!