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Kyle Shanahan expects Robbie Gould back for 2019

Well, a little wishful thinking never hurt anyone!

Some think San Francisco 49ers kicker Robbie Gould is out the door, but his coach expects him back. Kyle Shanahan was a guest on Chicago’s 670 Score’s Mully and Haugh and was optimistic on Gould’s return.

The questions stemmed from recent podcast where Gould said he loved Chicago. Shanahan was asked about Gould’s comments and what his thoughts were considering the 49ers were working hard to lock up Gould despite some hiccups.

“I expect it [affection for Chicago]. I know Robbie had a great time in Chicago. It’s where he started his career. Any time you spend a lot of time somewhere—and especially where your family is from—that’s always going to mean a lot to you. That doesn’t surprise me at all. I expect it and I’m also expecting, looking forward to having Robbie back in a Niners uniform next year.”

Kyle Shanahan has expectations to see Gould back, but it sounds like negotiations have started out somewhat difficult. Gould’s family resides in Chicago while he’s stayed in a hotel near the 49ers’ facilities in Santa Clara during the season. The road can definitely take its toll and Gould could prefer to be with his family no matter what the cost.

Hopefully Shanahan’s expectations are met and the 49ers see him back in 2019.