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NFL 100 commercial slanders Joe Montana by having him throw an interception

It was otherwise an amazing commercial.

The NFL will be celebrating their 100th anniversary this coming season, and they unveiled one of the best commercials we’ll see during Super Bowl 53. It featured a host of all-time greats getting into skirmishes after Marshawn Lynch accidentally knocks a gold football off a cake. We see numerous big hits and great plays, including numerous iconic plays.

One decidedly NOT iconic play was San Francisco 49ers legend Joe Montana throwing a pass intended for fellow legend Jerry Rice. Michael Irvin called for the pass, but Montana said no to the Cowboys receiver. Funny enough, but then Deion Sanders intercepted the pass. I’m sorry, but I have to call BS on that. A play celebrating the greatest Super Bowl quarterback in NFL history cannot show him throwing an interception.

That aside, this is a fantastic commercial. Give it a watch below.