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How would you rank these three quarterbacks?

Jared Goff stunk up the joint in Super Bowl 53. How does that leave him comparing to his fellow 2016 draft picks?

Super Bowl 53 has come and gone, and with it Tom Brady has earned his sixth Lombardi Trophy and further immortality. Brady did not have a particularly great game, but he made a couple big throws while Rams quarterback Jared Goff struggled until the very end.

It is not all that surprising the Rams lost, but in light of the regular talk about the quarterbacks of the NFL, it raises some questions about Goff. He might take this, learn from it, and become a better quarterback for it. Or, he might struggle to shake it off and never quite consistently emerge at the heights we saw for stretches of the past two seasons.

There are already favorites installed for Super Bowl 54, but there are plenty of questions up and down the list of NFC contenders. If we come back to the quarterback position, you can raise questions about virtually all of the NFC quarterbacks. I got thinking about that after reading this tweet.

We can raise questions about all of the quarterbacks in the NFC, but these three from the 2016 draft class are going to be grouped together for the rest of their careers. Dak Prescott and Jared Goff were both in the playoffs this year, while Carson Wentz suffered a second straight season-ending injury that saw him replaced by an effective Nick Foles.

We could always drop Jimmy Garoppolo into this conversation, but he is an incomplete given his torn ACL and limited starting experience prior to the injury. In the meantime, these are three of the quarterbacks he’ll be competing with in 2019 and beyond for NFC superiority. Again, the list of quarterbacks to talk about is plenty longer, but given the 2016 commonality between Prescott, Goff, and Wentz, it strikes me as an interesting discussion following Goff’s showing in the Super Bowl.

Each of the three quarterbacks has his flaws, and they have been aired for all to see at one point or another. For the time being, I’d probably rank them Wentz, Prescott, Goff, but there are plenty of arguments to be made for any possible order. I ranked Goff last because I think his success is more due to Sean McVay. At the same time, Wentz’s injuries are concerning, and reason enough to drop him to the end. Prescott can make plays, but at times it seems like Ezekiel Elliott is critical to his success. Mix and match however you want.