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Antonio Brown spotted hanging with Adrian Colbert at a Super Bowl party

Yes, it probably means nothing, but this IS Antonio Brown Watch, darn it.

I admit, we’re clawing for any new nuggets of information on Antonio Brown Watch, but this latest one provides amusement if anything. The news of the Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver was contained to some tweets with the offense—namely tight end George Kittle. Trolling went hard from then on, but when asked straight-up Brown didn’t have much to say about a trade.

Well, he’s still talking with those who play for the San Francisco 49ers, if this picture says anything:

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How’s business?? #Boomin

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That is Antonio Brown and safety Adrian Colbert hanging out at a Super Bowl party. Does this really change anything? Nope. But, things always need to get blown out of proportion, and that’s what Marquise Goodwin is for in the comments of that photo:

Again, NFL players are going to hang out with NFL players at the Super Bowl. That’s a given. Speaking rationally, there’s nothing to see here. That said, seeing Brown with Colbert, and then Goodwin chiming in is at the very least amusing. Goodwin had some words about the Antonio Brown/Pittsburgh Steelers/San Francisco 49ers news in an interview over the weekend, saying he saw himself as the Antonio Brown of the team.

Antonio Brown Watch is going to keep going until the NFL Combine when either a trade is worked out or more information on Brown’s future is made apparent. Until then, Instagram and Twitter are our friends.